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 Management Consulting 

We have extensive skills and expertise in a wide variety of financial, operational, manufacturing and profit optimisation fields. We make full use of computerised systems, data extraction and reporting.

Of note, our expertise inter alia covers:
Financial management
Full financial management, financial statement analyses, data mining, internal control systems, cash flow management, reporting

Information systems
Consulting on systems development, data, information flow and reporting

Including product costing, bills of material, profit optimisation, machine capacity utilisation, raw materials, work in progress, inventory management, logistics, transportation, reporting

Detailed cost accounting, fromraw materials, bills of material, production processes, cost allocation, standard costing, variance analyses, profitability, intercompany charges, hidden costs, group/division and company costing

Budgets and forecasts
Detailed budgeting and rolling forecasts, linked to standard costing, variances analyses (actual to standard to budget to forecast)

Call centres (ICT)
All aspects relating to information and communication technologies, call centre management, human resources, technical issues and more

Real Estate
Property management, including marketing, sales, procedures, legal matters, rental management and more

Diamond mining, diamond cutting, stock control, pricing, grading

Systems development
Assistance in systems development from needs requirement, systems layout, systems design, development, testing, trainging and ongoing maintenance

Data cleansing and data mining
Full service on extracting and cleaning of data. Summarising and reporting on data. Importing into third party databases. Detailed analyses and reporting.

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