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Finally, a web development tool that even the non-IT user novice can use. You don't need to know anything about programming, databases or Internet software.

It is as easy as filling in a form. Really.

Enhance your professional image with your own website, now made easy at a highly afforable cost. Create the content, colours, images and narrative yourself. Only you know what works for your business.

Everything you see below can be yours for only R1-64* per day , payable annually in advance (R600), including your own domain name, eg www.yourcompany.co.za, hosting, site registration, annual registration renewal and full access to the advanced Ten4 Domain website development application.
*T's & C's apply
  Limited Time Special Offer  

Subscribe today and we will create the initial version of your website for you - for FREE. All we need from you is the content, ie company name, logo, page headings, narrative and images. After that, you can then modify and update the site yourself.

Subscribe today and we will keep our annual fee static for a period of TWO YEARS
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1. Create your own website

TEN4 Domain offers you an easy to use, highly effective web development kit where you can create your own website. The site is template based and the content easily amended to suit your specific image, style and message

Go from this

To this in minutes

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2. Independently manage the content of your site

By using TEN4 Domain, you no longer have to pay someone to develop your site, make changes, upload images or amend contact details.

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3. Site structure

  Any number of main menu items
  Each menu item can have any number of sub-menu items
  Each sub-menu-item can have any number of paragraphs
  Each of the above items can have a heading, narrative and image

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4. Site backgrounds

Create your own background colours, images and text settings. There are standard solid and striped colors and you can use your own background images if you wish.

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5. Image Gallery

You can create your own image gallery where you can upload any number of jpeg images into an online portfolio

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6. Products and Services

Create your own online product listing with product groups, line items, products names, product codes, units of measure, description and image

[Soon to be launched: Online ordering, invoicing, credit card facilities order tracking and inventory management on a "pay only for what you use" basis]

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7. Events

List your scheduled events with heading, narrative, date/time and venue

[Soon to be launched: Online event management with bookings, facilities, equipment, invoicing and more on a "pay only for what you use" basis]

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8. Real Estate

Should you subscribe to TEN4 Property, your listed properties will automatically be posted to your site.

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9. Contact

The site has an onscreen capture facility where your customers can email you, with an auto-response email sent to the customer and a reminder to you.

Given a detailed address will provide a link to Googlemaps to show your location

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10. Add your own screens and sub-screens

You can add as many screens, sub-screens, paragraphs, headings and narrative as you wish as you wish

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  * Terms and Conditions
  A fair use policy exists. There is no limit on use of the system as long as it is not abused, eg where non-system related data is backed up on our servers. No hate speech, pornography or unacceptable content will be allowed. TEN4 reserves the right to accept or reject any sites at its sole discretion.

All prices are quoted in South African Rand, exclusive of VAT and per annum, payable annually in advance, unless otherwise stated.

* Subject to TEN4 Standard Terms and Conditions of Trade

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