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 TEN4 Costing 

TEN4 Costing     This module is due to be launched on 1 October 2016 
This system is fully bilingual (English and Afrikaans) at the push of a button.

TEN4 Costing is an advanced Standard Costing application.

The system allows for:

 Link to product codes in TEN4 Accounting

 Standard bill of material per product

 Machine capacity utilisation

 Standard product cost

 Division of costs between raw materials, labout, overheads, packaging, distribution, warehousing, depreciation, finance charges

 Sumary and detailed variance analyses, divided into Price, Volume, Quantity and Mix variances

 Link to TEN4 Budget for use in budgets and forecasts

 Link to TEN4 Accounting for incorporating standard costing results

 Much more detail to follow...
Unlimited usage

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