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 TEN4 Diary 

Appointment diary
TEN4 Diary is a detailed appointment diary, covering:

  Purpose of meeting


  Ad hoc meeting with company, contact person, telephone number, cell number, email address

  Meeting with a person on your contacts list, linking to contacts database with all details

  Add additional third party contacts

  Add staff members

  Link to properties (if subscribed to TEN4 Property)

  Link to tasks to be performed (if subscribed to TEN4 Task)

  Add documents to meeting

  Monthly calender

  Annual calender

  View/print/email schedule for the day or a date range
Unlimited usage


TEN4 Contact
Fully compatible with TEN4 Contact, allowing you to place on record all visits, communication and tasks

TEN4 Timekeeper
Fully compatible with TEN4 Timekeeper, allowing you to manage your time, HR resource allocation and more

TEN4 Property
Fully compatible with TEN4 Property, allowing you to schedule calls, showhouses, meetings and more.

TEN4 Accounting
Fully compatible with TEN4 Accounting, allowing you to schedule your month ends, arrange meetings with staff, bankers, auditors and third parties.

TEN4 Task
Fully compatible with TEN4 Task, allowing you to manage tasks, allocating them to staff members, follow up meetings and more.

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