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 TransBase Freight Match 

TransBase Freight Match     This module is due to be launched on 29 February 2016 
  TransBase Freight Match is a system whereby freight that needs to be moved is matched online to transporters that have available capacity on their trucks. In addition, the system allows for the listing of any transport related products or services.


The system consists of essentially four parts: Freight, Trucks, Services and Products.


Freight that needs to be moved is placed on a bulletin board where transporter service providers can then offer their servics directly to the person that needs the freight to be moved.


In like manner, transporters with free capacity can list their vehicles on the bulletin board and members that have freight to be moved, can contact the transporters directly.

Products and services

In the same way, service providers and product merchants can list their services and wares for sale. Members that have a need for such products or services can then contact the relative parties directly.

Membership and costs

Our model is very simple. Become a member for a very reasonable fee and you have access to the entire system.

  Listing of freight

 Special instructions
 Ongoing notes
 National route
 Payload - Volume, Weight Dimensions
 Freight categorisation
 Collection date
 Freight type
 Vehicle required

Finding freight to be moved

 National road
 Date range

List available trucks

 Truck type
 Truck make
 Truck model
 Maximum weight
 Maximum volume
 Multiple route segments
 Date ranges

Finding an available truck

 National road
 Date required

Product/service listing

 Unit of measure
Listing of trucks Unlimited
Listing of freight Unlimited
Advertising On application
All prices are quoted in South African Rand, exclusive of VAT and per annum, payable annually in advance, unless otherwise stated. Fair use policy.

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