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 TEN4 Contact 

TEN4 Contact
 This module is due to be launched on 1 June 2016 

TEN4 Contact is a detailed Contact Management System, tracking each communication with any contact organisation or person.

This system is fully bilingual (English and Afrikaans) at the push of a button.
TEN4 Contact is fully integrated with the other TEN4 applications.

Categorisation of contacts

One complete database of contacts is maintained, where one organisation can act in multiple roles, eg a customer can also be a service provider. In order to facilitate full integration with the various TEN4 applications, various categories exist. For example, to cater for the needs of TEN4 Property, categories exist including Owner, Buyer, Tenant, Landlord, Legal services, Banking, Services, Agency and other.

For accounting purposes, a contact can be a debtor and/or creditor.

Contact Database

Maintaining a detailed contact master file, consisting of:

Primary Company name
Primary business description
Subsidiary business description
Company address
- Street address
- Postal address
- Contact details
Subsidiary organisation(s)
- Organisation name
- Street address
- Postal address
- Contact details
Primary contact person, title and full contact details
Subsidiary contact people with titles and full contact details
Company description


Ability to keep a record of all communication, with:

Who did I communicate with?
Indicate telephone, meeting, email, post

Task manager

Full task management function, including date, task for, listed by, priority, task status, task description, follow up notes, completion. Fully integrated with other TEN4 applications.

Appointment diary

Detailed appointment diary to keep track of meetings, visits, full integration with appointment diary and other TEN4 modules

With much more detail to follow...
Unlimited usage
All prices are quoted in South African Rand, exclusive of VAT and per annum, payable annually in advance, unless otherwise stated. Fair use policy.

* Subject to TEN4 Standard Terms
and Conditions of Trade

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