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 Systems development 

Systems development
TEN4 is at the forefront in developing medium to large software applications for a variety of companies and industries.

These applications covered, inter alia:
 Paper manufacturing
 ICT call centre management
 Online trading
 Case management
 Contact Management
We operate professionally, applying advanced software and procedures in the needs analysis, planning, specification, development, testing, implementation, documentation, training and support.

We have developed a number of medium to large inhouse management systems.
Of note paper production and diamond cutting with significant costing, production control, machine capacity utilisation, budgets
Alluvial diamond mining
In a call centre environment, including VoIP, recordings, efficiencies
 Mass document management
Including distribution by email/fax/post, scanning, registers, capturing, reporting
 Real Estate Management
Including office management, property valuation, sales process management, costing reports
 Transport management
Large industrial truck fleets, including trip planning/monitoring, freight management, costing, etc
 Aviation management
Of a fleet of 18 privately held jet and turbo prop aircraft
 Financial applications
Covering financial management reporting, combination of various sources, budgets, forecasts and operational integration and
 Mass emailing
Despatch of regular newsletters, product launches and communication
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Software used
Our software skills and experience encompass:
  Microsoft SQL database software
  Adobe ColdFusion middle ware web application software
  Adobe Dreamweaver web application development tools
  HTML web development software
  Javascript web utility software and
  Microsoft Access database software for smaller applications
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Procedures followed
Although we develop websites quickly, we follow stringent processes that we don't deviate from (regardless of the size of the website):

Step 1 -  Discuss customer requirements

Step 2 -  Prepare functional specification, overview and quotation, all at no charge

Step 3 -  Upon acceptance of quotation, prepare detailed technical specification

Step 4 -  Acquire content, narrative, images, etc

Step 5 -  Develop Beta version, test and deliver to client for approval

Step 6 -  Develop final version and deliver to client for approval

Step 7 -  Where required, ensure domain is set up, emails registered, etc

Step 8 -  Make site live, test and sign off

Step 9 -  Ongoing support and maintenance

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