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 TEN4 Trader 

TEN4 Trader
 This module is due to be launched on 30 September 2016 

TEN4 Trader is a detailed, online inventory trading application
If you subscribe to TEN4 Accounting, all your stock levels will be automatically updated on stock transactions

Categorise your inventory by:

 Group of products
 Each group divided into categories of products
 Each category divided into individual line items

Data structure includes:

 Group code
 Category code
 Line item code
 Unit of measure
 5 x Images
 Lead time
 Minimum order quantity
 Selling price
 Technical specifications

Online transacting:

 Placement of order
 Auto preparation of invoice
 Auto confirmation emails to customer and you
 Recording of inventory movement from placing of order to delivery of goods
 Order status tracking

Management reporting:

 All reports in summary and detail, by group, category, line item, date range
 Sales reports
 Visitor views reports
 Order status reports
Unlimited usage
All prices are quoted in South African Rand, exclusive of VAT and per annum, payable annually in advance, unless otherwise stated. Fair use policy.

* Subject to TEN4 Standard Terms
and Conditions of Trade

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