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 TEN4 Chat 

TEN4 Chat
 This module is due to be launched on 30 April 2016 

TEN4 Chat is a simplified online chat application where you can send 255 character text messages, one-on-one or in a group environment.
 Chat with another user one-on-one

 Chat with a group of invited users

 Text only, ie no attachments, images or videos

 Beep notification on receipt of a message (provided the application is left open)

 Available using our free, downloadable cell phone app or using a PC

Usage Unlimited
Payment By voucher
Voucher price R20-00
All participants to a conversation need to be subscribed and have available voucher time left.

Take note that you will incur additional data costs, payable to your ISP or cell phone service provider

All prices are quoted in South African Rand, exclusive of VAT and per annum, payable annually in advance, unless otherwise stated. Fair use policy.

* Subject to TEN4 Standard Terms
and Conditions of Trade

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