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 TEN4 Task 

Task Management
This system is fully bilingual (English and Afrikaans) at the push of a button.

TEN4 Contact is a detailed Contact Management System.
Contact Database
Maintain a detailed contact master file, consisting of:
  • Primary Company name
  • Primary business description
  • Subsidiary business description
  • Company category
    - Street address
    - Postal address
    - Contact details
  • Subsidiary organisation - Street address - Postal address - Contact details
  • Primary contact person, title and full contact details
  • Subsidiary contact people with titles and full contact details
  • Company description
Ability to keep a record of all communication, with:
  • Date/time
  • Who did I communicate with?
  • Indicate telephone, meeting, email, post
  • Notes
Audit trail
Report on all movements for the contact person/organisation:
  • Date/time
  • Our contact person
  • Who did I communicate with?
  • Nature of communication
  • Notes
Task manager

Appointment diary

Mass mailing

Unlimited usage


TEN4 Contact
Fully compatible with TEN4 Contact, allowing you to place on record all visits, communication and tasks

TEN4 Timekeeper
Fully compatible with TEN4 Timekeeper, allowing you to manage your time, HR resource allocation and more

TEN4 Property
Fully compatible with TEN4 Property, allowing you to schedule calls, showhouses, meetings and more.

TEN4 Accounting
Fully compatible with TEN4 Accounting, allowing you to schedule your month ends, arrange meetings with staff, bankers, auditors and third parties.

TEN4 Diary

TEN4 Timekeeper is fully compatible with TEN4 Diary, allowing you to plan your day, schedule resources and keep a record of the day's events

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