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 TEN4 Timekeeper 

TEN4 Timekeeper   This module is due to be launched on 1 June 2016 
This system is fully bilingual (English and Afrikaans) at the push of a button.

TEN4 Timekeeper is a detailed and sophisticated system whereby you can keep track of employees' time, manage resources, do your time related billing and more.

Each staff member can be attached to a group of people or a subsidiary team of people or work alone, each of these categories that can be applied simultaneous or for a specific project or task.


A list of projects is created, showing customer, heading, description, due dates and basic costing.


Every project is divided into any number of sub-projects to keep better control of especially complex projects


Each sub-project is further divided into tasks with time allowed, travelling time, idle time and basic costing.


The system allows for detailed timekeeping, stating customer, project, sub-project, person, from time, to time, calculated hours, distinguishing between billable and non-billable hours, rates, other costs (eg travelling, accommodation, etc).


The system allows for calculation of billings and generation of invoices.


Various summary and detailed reports exist, including:

 Detailed report by employee, customer, project, sub-project and task

 Summary reports for the above

 Variance analyses between projected and actual time

With much more detail to follow...
Usage Unlimited


TEN4 Contact

TEN4 Timekeeper is fully compatible with TEN4 Contact, allowing you to place on record all visits, communication and tasks

TEN4 Diary

TEN4 Timekeeper is fully compatible with TEN4 Diary, allowing you to plan your day, schedule resources and keep a record of the day's events

TEN4 Project

TEN4 Timekeeper is fully compatible with TEN4 Project, allowing you allocate resources and maintain a history of all activities on a project, sub-project or task.

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